Topic Description
CS-unplugged & Computational Thinking CS concepts;
Coding Concepts;
Collect and analyze data;
Formulate problems;
Pattern recognition;
Algorithm design
Web Design Introduction; Browsers and editors;
Tools; Markup vs presentation;
HTML, CSS & JS tags and elements;
Web graphics
Coding Programming concepts;
Interactive stories, animations and games;
Projects; Python programming
Database (DB) Introduction to DB programming;
DB concepts and data objects;
Relational DB;
DB operations; Transactions.
Game Development Principles of game design;
Game programming languages;
Game Engine; Blender; Unity; Space;
Components; Mechanics; Goals; Rules
Robotics and IoT Program microcontroller;
Introduction to Micro:bit and Arduino Kit;
Communication models and networks;
Protocols; Make Code; Deploy project;
Prototype circuits; Sensors
Animations Principles of animation;
Staging, timing, mechanics and kinetics;
Story telling; Visual effects; Modelling
App Development Layouts;
App navigation; Activity and Fragment lifecycle;
App Architecture; Device location;
Web browsing; Using collections of data;
Working with Scroll View

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